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Sustaining Software Engineer

Description du poste


The Software Engineer implements and maintains new or improved software products, procedures and techniques. He/She provides innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions according to the project technical objectives and timing. Keeps updated on software technology and process. He/She will participate in activities to define and implement frameworks and design practices, as well as knowledge sharing activities in the local and global community.


The Interpretation department develops Answer Products taking as input well logs (measurements from various physical sensors) and produce as outputs : processed data and information on the sub-surface (geology, petrophysics, well properties…) to help our customers (Oil and Gas companies) in their decision-making process. Such Answer Products combine physical principles and models with applied maths techniques and are integrated as software products within Techlog or are run as microservices on the web.


In the Interpretation Engineering Department, the software engineer will participate in the development of Processing and Interpretation answer products as web services and on the Schlumberger Interpretation Software Platform (Techlog). He/she will participate in all stages of development : requirements analysis, specifications, construction/coding and testing, validation, commercialization and sustaining. He/she will work in close cooperation with domain experts (geology, petrophysics, well integrity…) and Interpretation Development Engineers (IDEs) ; this requires good communication skills within a multidisciplinary scientific and technical environment, mostly in English.



  • « Support produits existants dans Techlog ».

  • Au sein du groupe, Techlog est la plateforme d’interprétation de données de puits, et Well Integrity Suite est le plugin de traitement des données d’intégrité de puits dans Techlog. La mission inclus le support des algorithmes (re compiler et publier), le support du plugin incluant sélection des données, graphiques et interactions (fixer les défauts selon la liste dans MyElite, implémenter les améliorations listées dans UserVoice, recompiler et livrer).

  • L’environnement de développement est Windows/C++/Visual Studio avec en plus un environnement spécifique appelé Ocean for Techlog (O4Tl).

  • Le produit Techlog inclut la possibilité de déploiement des scripts Python, dont la connaissance est requise. Le plugin étant basé sur Qt, la bonne connaissance du framework Qt est considéré comme un plus.  

  • La maîtrise de l’anglais est indispensable.

Profil recherché

  • Good communication skills

  • Can function independently and in a team

  • Analytical thinker

  • Able to provide creative and innovative solutions

  • Aware of software quality

Compétences requises

  • Programming languages C++, Python

  • Knowledge of industry development environments and frameworks: Qt would be a +

  • Product development & build process: Visual Studio 2015 & 2017, Google Test, Git, Azure DevOps

  • Windows

  • Quality management

  • Agile and iterative development